Other Services

Commercial And Product Photography

Trusted Photography can also provide in situ commercial shoots for your business including interior building exterior, interior, staff shoots including formal and informal, company vans and trucks, even product photography

Drone Photography

Plenty of us now have a quadcoptor or drone that can take photos but did you know it is illegal to use those images in a paid commercial sense unless the operator is fully licensed and CASA approved? We can provide a licensed drone operator for your special project. Use the Contact us form to get in touch.

Google Page Optimisation

Your business not on Google?

We setup your My Business page, verify the address, assign the client as a manager, setup the best category your business should be allocated to, research keywords best suited to your listing and optimise the description. Once complete, we then post information onto the business page and run a citation check on your business looking for accuracy and consistency of your business name, address and phone number across the internet. The Citation report will show inconsistencies in your directory listing and also a list of directories you should be listed on.

Service includes:

  • Create/Claim and verify business listing
  • Setup of Google Plus page with image banner and logo
  • Setup categories which best suit the business type
  • Keyword research on three keywords
  • Optimised company introduction – original introduction provided by client or we can get this from the website home page
  • Upload shop, product and store images inside and out if applicable – 10 images provided by client
  • One post onto Google Plus page
  • Citation check for consistency of NAP in key areas (Website, Facebook, 3 local directories)
  • Setup Google Alerts for your business name and target keywords
  • Website Audit/Report if applicable

Google Adwords

If you have a marketing budget and you really want to get some traction fast, the best way to do it is with Google Adwords. You could try to do it yourself but I can tell you from personal experience you can easily be paying way too much and achieve very little

We work with specialists in this field to create the most efficient and cost effective campaign to drive those customers to your door. Just contact us and we'll arrange a no obligation, highly informative phone consultation.

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