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What's the benefit of Google Street View for my business?

When someone searches for your business on Google they will see high quality images displayed directly on the search results page. They will “see inside” your business and these panoramic images will also be published on Google Maps to give potential customers a true vision of the décor and layout. It gives you the opportunity to showcase what’s great or unique about your business and to open the doors 24/7. You can even put the tour on your website and Facebook.

What if I don't have a Google listing?

If you don’t already have a Google listing page for your business we will help you with that. If you already have one we can make sure it is all correct.

What’s it cost?

It depends on the size of your premises and the area you want to show off. It’s a very economical one-off charge for the shoot to create the images and upload them to Google. There is no recurring charge at all and we encourage you the share the images on your web site and on social media Then Hyperlink Request a quote today.

How long will the photoshoot take?

This depends on the size and type of business to be shot. Typically 30 to 60 minutes. Larger businesses could take a couple of hours.

Which areas of my business will be photographed?

We start outside the main entrance then move in to the interior areas of your business. We can talk about what areas of your businesses you would like to highlight, or exclude from the shoot.

Will the photoshoot disrupt my business operations?

No, we appreciate your customers come first. We can pick a day and time where it is least busy and can work around customer traffic.

What do I need to do to prepare my business ahead of the photoshoot?

The imagery will be up on Google for a long time and the goal is to show customers what they can expect to see when they visit your business so we just recommend a general tidy up if necessary like clean floors, hide bins etc .

Will people be included in the Google Street View photoshoot?

We want to keep the focus of the photos on the inside of your business so the aim is to have as few people in the shots as possible. As the business owner it would be your responsibility to notify your employees and customers that the photoshoot is taking place if you feel that's necessary.

What about privacy?

We use Google's blurring technology to hide faces and car registration numbers.

How long does it take to publish the imagery to Google?

Typically it takes around 10 days for us to process and publish the images.

Can I use these images on my business website?

Absolutely. We encourage you to share the walk-through experience of your business with your customers and potential customers so putting the tour on your website will be a huge enhancement for the visitor to your site.

Once the tour is published to Google we will be able to provide you the embedding code to do this.

For an additional cost we can also provide customised enhanced tours with hotspots, pop up information and menu navigation, table bookings and more

How to put your tour on your website

So you’ve had your Google virtual tour created, and it looks fantastic on your Google listing. If you have a website you can now put it on there too. Here's how-

Method 1- Tell your webmaster to email/call me and I will talk them through it. No hassle for you

Method 2. If you know enough about HTML and embedding codes then read on. Here’s the instructions..


Google your business in Google Maps. When it comes up, click on where it says See inside, or depending on the version it may have a sort of horizontal circular arrow.

Click that to open your tour. Navigate to where you think you’d like your tour to start on your website



Click on the 'three dots' icon next to the business name at the top left of your tour and choose the 'share or embed image' option from the pop up menu.



Choose from small, medium or large tour sizes with the button to the left of the code,(default is medium) then highlight the source code and copy it. If you need your tour to be an exact size, choose 'custom size' from the drop down box.


Paste the embedding code into the html of the page on your website where you'd like your virtual tour to show. If you don’t what, how, where at this step... it's time to talk to your webmaster


Go to your website and check the page that your virtual tour has been added to and make sure everything is as you like it.

Don't forget to email everyone you know and tell them to check out your tour and let your tour show your online visitors why they need to come and see you!

If you're happy, pat yourself on the back and then email all your friends and tell them to check out your tour! Finally, go and put your feet up and let your Virtual Tour show your online visitors exactly why they need to come and see you!.

How to put your tour on to Facebook

This is a little more complicated than putting the tour on to your website but it will be worth it

Step 1

Login to your Facebook page and then come back here and follow this link below to install a neat little app called Woobox Static Iframe tab. You’ll be asked to make sure you’re logged in under your personal ID and then which page you want to install the app to. Choose your business Facebook Page and then click on 'Add Page Tab'.


Step 2

Go to your Business Facebook page and click on the new Woobox Iframe Tab that has appeared, this will be titled ‘Welcome’. You’ll then be prompted to authorize the tab application for your page.

Step 3

Open a new web browser window and open Google Maps. Type in the business name in the search area and when the listing comes up one of the lower left images should have a sort of 360 degree arrow icon. Click that and you should see the tour. Now navigate to a place in the tour you’d like to start from. You can choose any point you like!

Step 4

Click on the small dots in the frame at top left of the tour and then click "share or embed image" Choose embed image and the next screen will highlight the code.

Step 5

Copy the code and go back to your Facebook page and the new application you installed. Choose the option of "new tab settings" and paste the code you copied for your virtual tour into the tab application. Once you’ve checked the settings click on 'Save Settings' at the bottom of the page to save your virtual tour tab to your Facebook business page.

Step 6

View your Facebook Business page as normal and click on your new tab to check that its all working ok! Now go post a status update and tell all your friends to come and look around your business! Then get your friends toto tell all their friends to come and look around your business. Congratulations, you are now taking your business to a whole new level.

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